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Where Where You When the Fun Stopped?

Someone here kindly suggested to listen to Hunter Thompson’s own mixtape. I did that and here’s the result in a playlist, some good ole fashioned american music. Or at least some of the tracks on it as this now cult album is hard to find.

Warren Zevon said, “Jesus Marauding Christ! This is the hippest album in the world.” I say, let’s not exagerate!


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Fear and loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter Thompson

Oh, here’s another book about being free and careless and irresponsible, as well as totally tasteless. I suppose nowadays you’d just say Trash.  As for me, I’ll keep treasuring that one moment:

– “When are you taking off?”, Bruce asked.
-“As soon as possible, I said. “No point hanging around this town any longer. I have all I need. Anything else would only confuse me.”
He seemed surprised. “You found the American Dream?”he said. “In this town”? I nodded. “We’re sitting on the main nerve right now”, I said.

Encore un livre qui parle d’être libre et irresponsable, inconscient, dans une Amérique en déliquescence. Et le rêve américain dans tout ca?

Click here to listen to the dedicated soundtrack

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