Klezmer, Joann Sfar

Since Seeqpod went down, I’ve felt a bit helpless, without my favorite tool for this blog.If anyone knows of a good replacement, please let me know!

In the meantime, I’ve fallen in love. Also with this series: Klezmer, by Joann Sfar.

As Sfar himself puts it, “the idea of making a comic about music interests me greatly, as comics are a world of silence“.

Therefore, he may well find it pointless to listen to Klezmer music while reading his comic, rather than just imagining rythms, colors and sounds . Still, the book makes a great introduction into the genre, therefore I suggest listening to these tracks -some of which he himself mentions as inspirations in his postface- after reading. For once.

I could not find Belz, from Moshe Leider, but here’s another one from him. In the meantime, I’m getting started with volume II.

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