The secret life of teens

Je me demandais quoi écouter en lisant “La vie secrete des jeunes de Riad Satouf”, et puis je suis tombée sur un vieux Technikart dans lequel il explique que la bande son des années de l’adolescence, selon lui, c’est la musique des jeux Amiga, qu’il écoutait en boucle.  Voilà!

Riad Sattouff has a knack for speaking about teens. But what to listen to while reading his comic book, “the secret life of teens”? He himself provided the answer in a Technikart interview, as he explains the sound to his teenage years was the music of his Amiga games.


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What to listen when you write?

It seems Michael Cunningham has the answer, and he explains it at the occasion of the orginal music album for “The Hours”  .

So here is a bit of Philip Glass to get in the mood.

But what did Micheal Cunningham write “By Nightfall ” to? He mentionned it while he was last in Brussels. The answer here soon.

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Klezmer, Joann Sfar

Since Seeqpod went down, I’ve felt a bit helpless, without my favorite tool for this blog.If anyone knows of a good replacement, please let me know!

In the meantime, I’ve fallen in love. Also with this series: Klezmer, by Joann Sfar.

As Sfar himself puts it, “the idea of making a comic about music interests me greatly, as comics are a world of silence“.

Therefore, he may well find it pointless to listen to Klezmer music while reading his comic, rather than just imagining rythms, colors and sounds . Still, the book makes a great introduction into the genre, therefore I suggest listening to these tracks -some of which he himself mentions as inspirations in his postface- after reading. For once.

I could not find Belz, from Moshe Leider, but here’s another one from him. In the meantime, I’m getting started with volume II.

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Ovide- The Art of Love

“Love is a kind of warfare. Slackers, dismiss!

There are no cowards guarding this standard.

Night and winter, long roads and cruel sorrows,

and every kind of labour are found on love’s campaigns.

You’ll often endure rain pouring from heavenly clouds,

and frozen, lie there on the naked earth.

They say that Phoebus grazed Admetus’s cattle,

and found shelter in a humble hut.

Who can’t suit what suited Phoebus? Lose your pride,

you who’d have love’s sorrows tamed.

If you’re denied a safe and level road,

and the door barred with a bolt against you,

then drop down head-first through the open roof:

a high window too offers a secret way.

She’ll be glad, knowing the chase itself is risky for you:

that will be sure proof to the lady of your love.

You might often have been parted from your girl, Leander:

you swam across so she could know your heart.


When thinking of a classic, Ovide’s “Ars amatoria” came to mind. It seems since Ovide, unfortunately, the art of loving, if there is such a thing, hasn’t much changed. So, some contemporary, and slightly cynical love songs about wait, nostalgy, separation and longing,. According to Ovide, it’s all part of the process.


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Where Where You When the Fun Stopped?

Someone here kindly suggested to listen to Hunter Thompson’s own mixtape. I did that and here’s the result in a playlist, some good ole fashioned american music. Or at least some of the tracks on it as this now cult album is hard to find.

Warren Zevon said, “Jesus Marauding Christ! This is the hippest album in the world.” I say, let’s not exagerate!


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Fear and loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter Thompson

Oh, here’s another book about being free and careless and irresponsible, as well as totally tasteless. I suppose nowadays you’d just say Trash.  As for me, I’ll keep treasuring that one moment:

– “When are you taking off?”, Bruce asked.
-“As soon as possible, I said. “No point hanging around this town any longer. I have all I need. Anything else would only confuse me.”
He seemed surprised. “You found the American Dream?”he said. “In this town”? I nodded. “We’re sitting on the main nerve right now”, I said.

Encore un livre qui parle d’être libre et irresponsable, inconscient, dans une Amérique en déliquescence. Et le rêve américain dans tout ca?

Click here to listen to the dedicated soundtrack

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Pilules bleues- Frederik Peteers

A graphic novel and a playlist about modern love. Ah, this modern love.

Un roman graphique et une playlist a propos de ce putain d’amour moderne.

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